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Discover the Ancient Power of Meditation



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Discover the Ancient Power of Meditation

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Dr Doja Purkit M.D. is a leading expert in the field of Alternative Medicine and has served as a consultant at the London Hale clinic. At the age of 21 he realised his mission to understand the human body, contentment, and wellness. Understanding the need for a complete holistic approach, he studied all the realms of Alternative Medicine – from Ayurveda, to Acupuncture. Accumulating all of this knowledge, Dr Doja Purkit designs and creates unique treatments, retreats, and products.

He founded Doja Vital Life Care, a clinic and product line dedicated to natural health, beauty, and wellbeing using the science of Ayurveda and herbal medicine. Doja Purkit believes that good health belongs to you and is your birth right.

Meditation has been dated in human history for 5000 years. Daily meditation helps to achieve the perfect stability and health in your mind, body and soul. Meditation has been scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and has a correlation with sharing a long healthy life.

The Benefits of Meditation

· Rejuvenation of the Brain Cells

· Energizing the body

· Boosting Immunity

· Promoting Good Sleep

· Improvement in Memory

· Helps to Prevent Psychological Disorders

· Reduces Anxiety, Fear and Stress

· Helps to Cope with Addiction

· Cultivation and Growth of Peace and Internal Happiness.

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