Dr Doja’s Pranaa Vital Life Care Clinic

Pranaa Vital Life Care Clinic is dedicated to preventative rejuvenation health care through the science of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine.

Pranaa Vital Life care is blended with passion and devotion, is a fundamental part of every individual’s well-being. Our complete holistic approach therefore works towards purifying this life force.

By examining an individual’s bodily stress points, lifestyle, diet, and sleep, Doja Vital Life Care identifies your individual needs and delivers unique treatments tailored to you - from massage, to nutrition, to breath and energy work.



Dr Doja Purkit M.D. is a leading expert in the field of Alternative Medicine and has served as a consultant at the London Hale Clinic.

Learning from the Masters in India, Dr Doja Purkit began his journey in 1986 and has since qualified and trained in India, England, and Hong Kong. At the age of 21 he realised his mission to understand the human body, contentment, and wellness. Understanding the need for a complete holistic approach, he studied all the realms of Alternative Medicine - from Ayurveda, to Acupuncture.

Accumulating all of this knowledge, Dr Doja Purkit designs and creates unique treatments, retreats, and products. He founded Pranaa Vital Life Care, a clinic and product line dedicated to natural health, beauty, and wellbeing using the science of Ayurveda and herbal medicine.

Doja Purkit believes that good health belongs to you and is your birthright.


Get in touch

Dr Doja Purkit M.D. +44 7703 538928 -  dojapurkit@hotmail.com

Specialist in

  • Ayurveda
  • Acupunture
  • Homeopathy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Indian Naturopathy
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Marma
  • Biochemic


Bachelor of Science in Bio-Chemistry from Calcutta University

Indian Acupuncture Ayurveda Marma college, Jaipur


  • Dr V Sydney – Master of Healing
  • Mr M Khan - Master of Natural Energy Cleansing
  • Dr Nagpal - Master of Ayurveda
  • Dr S Bannerjee – Master of Homeopathy

The founding belief of Doja Pranaa Vital Life Care is that prevention is better than the cure. Our products and treatments are a natural way to refresh oneself, eliminate toxins, and restore health. The Ayurvedic health care has been looking after our health for 5000 years. It’s an ideal way to maintain health and prevents illness. These products are authentic, pure and natural. For Medical advice consult your doctor or a qualified health professional.