We are bespoke retreat specialists who design each of our retreats tailored to you.

Our rejuvenation programmes range from 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 9 days.

Our programmes can be held in your home, our location of your choice, as you may find this helps you to integrate the ayurvedic way into your everyday life. Alternatively, we can also arrange a suitable location from our specially selected retreat centres.

Wellness Retreat Programmes

Our founding belief is that prevention is better than the cure. Enrolling on our programme is a natural way to refresh oneself, eliminate toxins, regain, and restore health. A wealth of organic foods, herbs, and medicinal plants, with all treatments complete with Dr Doja’s specially formulated Doja Prana Vital Life Care products.

Your Daily Rejuvenation Programme will consist of:

  • WALK

    A brisk morning walk to take in the sights and sounds of your environment.

  • YOGA

    Gentle yoga exercises to awaken the body.


    Organic fruit, sprouts and juice - delicious and tasty.


    Allowing you to prepare for the day.


    During the initial 5 days of a 9 day programme Dr Doja oils the whole body with sesame oil to commence the cleansing process. He focuses on the back, arms, legs, feet, head, face and stomach regions. This process brings all the toxins and stress held in the body to the surface.


    During this time you are encouraged to sit quietly and read. No stimulation is allowed.


    Light lunch of cooked organic vegetables and lentils. Cooked through with healing spices and herbs.


    Dr Doja conducts a stimulation of the body. Massaging the Marma points to process alignment.


    Just before dinner Dr Doja conducts a deep transformational breathing practice meditation - where your mind is stilled and calmed. Each technique is extremely powerful and takes you to a place of quantum and extreme bliss.


    A light meal of either delicious organic vegetable soup or khichi - a delicate rice and moong dish served as it is easy to digest.

  • EVENING WALK (optional)

    A chance to engage and spend sometime with Dr Doja so you can tap into his wisdom.

The Rejuvenation programme aims to tone up the skin, rejuvenate and strengthen all the tissues to achieve ideal health and longevity. Its aims are preserve the senses of youth, increase vitality, good sleep, memory, and mind clarity. Ideal programme to lose weight and develop long term healthy habits

It’s a journey that begins with your single step. Here you will discover more inspiration of nature than just a great holiday experience.

Reserving your place:

here are limited number of places available, please book as soon as possible.

“The rejuvenation detox retreat has changed our life. We are back looking and feeling 10 years younger, and lost six pounds. We feel very positive, have lots of energy, are sleeping well and feeling refreshed.”


“The rejuvenation detox treatments were life enhancing. This programme made me and my partner feel enormous benefits.”



The founding belief of Doja Pranaa Vital Life Care is that prevention is better than the cure. Our products and treatments are a natural way to refresh oneself, eliminate toxins, and restore health. The Ayurvedic health care has been looking after our health for 5000 years. It’s an ideal way to maintain health and prevents illness. These products are authentic, pure and natural. For Medical advice consult your doctor or a qualified health professional.