Tongue Analysis: Your tongue can reveal your health and wellbeing

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Tongue Analysis:

Your tongue can reveal your health and wellbeing

Tongue analysis is an ancient method used for diagnosis in Ayurvedic medicine. The tongue changes colour, shape and texture which is an early warning sign of illness. It is an ideal method to identify the condition of internal organs as well as observing mental and emotional health, helping to form a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan.


A clean pink tongue indicates normal health. When a child feels unwell, the Ayurvedic doctor will ask to see the tongue, sometimes making the child laugh. Children use the tongue as body language, and if one child feels upset with another, then they will show their tongue. Based on the appearance of the tongue, the doctor will offer an opinion and advise you on food and drink that should or should not be consumed until health has been restored


Problems do not occur overnight, and it can take several years to develop a weakness and illnesses.

However, the individual can do much to improve and regulate health. Remember that in all cases, seek advice from a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner if you would like to.

Here are some indications on how to ‘read’ the tongue:

  1. Look in the mirror and if tongue is Clean and light pink. It reveals normal tongue and sign of good health. Clean pink tongue photo is above.


  1. Tongue is pale it indicates poor circulation.

PALE TONGUE: Its indicate poor circulation. Crack line in the tips means neck weakness and Pale white coating is acidic

  1. Tongue is white and sticky it indicates excess toxins in the system and blocked energy

WHITE COATING: Excess toxin, poor digestion, acidic, sadness, depression, lack of energy, mucus and Khapa imbalance.



  1. Tongue is dry and has a brown coating it indicates excess wind

BROWN COATING: Toxic, Acidic and excess wind and Imbalance of Air Fire and Water

  1. Tongue with Yellow coating is acidic and toxin in the system

YELLOW COATING: Acidic, Toxic, Low Emotion, cold easily, Liver weakness, Impotence and Infertility

  1. Tongue shows teeth marks on the side, it indicates unabsorbed nutrients

TEETH MARKS: Poor Absorption of nutrients, weak digestive system and Dreaming at night

  1. Tongue has a crack line down the middle it indicates emotional holding in the spine

CRACK LINE IN THE MIDDLE: Poor posture, spinal and neck weakness and Holding emotion from childhood.

  1. Tongue is cracked marks all over then it indicates aggravation of wind in the colon. Food poisoning from the past.

CRACKED MARKS ALL OVER: Food poisoning from past. Nervous weakness, Air in the system, aches and pain in the body.


9. White Red Dots:

RED & WHITE DOTS: Mucus and excess sugar in the system. Yeast infection, Acidic and nerve weakness. poor circulation, poor digestion, calcification and stiff neck

  1. Tongue has a blackish brown colour it indicates internal bleeding as well as aches and pains
  2. Tongue has a yellow-green appearance it indicates heat in the liver and gall bladder



Tongue organs position is the reflex of that organs. When our organs function abnormal then its changes its colour and thick coating in the tongue.


  1. A blue tongue indicates imbalance in the heart, and a purple tongue indicates stagnation in the liver.
  2. Red dots in the Tips indicates emotional imbalance & calcification neck

RED DOTS TIPS: Lack of love, emotion imbalance, restless mind, calcification in neck and Gas in the system.


  1. Red colour in the tips indicates inflammation in the body

RED COLOUR TIPS: Inflammation and Heat in the body, irritable and anger.

Actions to help achieve a clean pink tongue include:

  1. Follow a detoxification Kichri detox diet, including cooked red apple for breakfast; soup or steamed vegetables for lunch, with Kichiri (cooked rice and lentils) for dinner; drink PRANAA detox tea before breakfast and six to eight glasses of water during the day. Two Triphalla tablet with warm water before bed time. Two Liver cleansing tablet with warm water after Lunch. The effectiveness of detoxification depends on the willpower of the individual, as well as on a person’s strength and overall health; it should be carried out once a week for a period of six weeks, preferably in consultation with a qualified practitioner
  2. Take bitter alkaline foods as too much acidity is harmful to the cells. Healthy blood should be alkaline. Other suitable foods include raw green olives and Swiss or Indian bitter herbs (karela or bitter melon)
  3. Soaking the feet in hot water is a simple but effective way of purifying the system. The feet should be soaked in water as warm as possible with added salts. Begin by soaking up to ankle height, then gradually increase until the foot is covered right up to the top of the ankle. This should be done at the end of the day for seven to ten minutes. Best time would be around 6pm to 7pm. If dizziness is experienced, Stop and seek advice from a doctor.
  4. Avoid eating in between meals for two months, and never eat dinner less than two hours before going to bed
  5. Clean the tongue every morning and evening with a tongue cleaner, and gargle with Guggul tablet or salt water.


Clean Pink Tongue is one of the secrets of good health and living a long life.

Please share this information as much as you can. It is our responsibility to stay healthy and keep our families and friends healthy as well. If you need any advice on Tongue Analysis, Clean Pink Tongue, Diet Plan, Ayurvedic consultation, Products and Detox rejuvenation. Please make an appointment which will be available on Skype, Video Call or visit in The Clinic.

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