Tongue Cleaner….Oral Hygiene


Prana Vital Life Care Tongue Cleaner is made with copper.



Prana Vital Life Care Tongue Cleaner is made with copper. Tongue cleaning is an ideal morning ritual for oral hygiene. Its helps to reduce bacteria and toxin from the tongue and prevent bad breath. According to Ayurveda, tongue scrapping in the morning gives an overall good sense of health, improves digestion, enhances taste buds, stimulates vital organs and promotes healthy elimination and freshens the breath. Daily use of the tongue cleaner is an ancient Ayurveda art of healing

Instructions: clean the tongue cleaner before using it. Put the curved part of the tongue cleaner and slide down from back to tips of tongue. Rinse off with water. Repeat 5 – 7 times.

Please note that only use in the morning with gentle scrapping.

Disclaimer: we do not make any health benefit claims. For Medical advice consult your doctor and qualified health professional before taking herbs.

Store in a dry place


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