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Sleep Support Pack…Good Sleep/ Boost Memory

Sleep Support Pack…Good Sleep/ Boost Memory





Good Sleep; 

Sleep is vital to our mental health and wellbeing, just like air, food and water. When we sleep well, we wake up refreshed, alert and ready to deal with the challenges of the day. During sleep, we process thoughts, and the body repairs, restores and heals itself and purifies the blood. Sleep is essential for maintaining a normal mind, speech, processing memories, enabling brain development and ensuring a tranquil mind. Poor sleep can lead to illness, weak immune system and premature ageing and reduced lifespan.

Sleep Support Pack include:

1.    Calming Tea: calm the mind and promotes sleep

2.  Brambhi Tablet: Rejuvenate brain cells and strengthen mind

3.    Shankpusphi: Boosting memory and refreshing brain cells.

4.Mentat tablet: helps to sleep and concentration

5.   Nose oil: improves breathing/ sleeping

6.      Navel oil: promotes circulation / relax the mind

7. Hair oil: relax the mind / good night sleep

8.Advice on Sleep support care plan, diet chart, meditation, and yoga exercise

9.  More details please call 07703 538 928/

Disclaimer: we do not make any health benefit claims. For Medical advice consult your doctor and qualified health professional.





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