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Menopause support care pack:

Problems with menopause

The menopause is the time when women stop having monthly periods. It is a natural change, affecting mind-body and the emotions. Most women experience symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweat and mood swings, and the best way to treat menopause is to balance hormone and glandular activity to restore some kind of stability.

 Menopausal symptoms include:

o   Irregular periods, at the onset

o   Hot flushes and night sweats, leading to difficulty sleeping

o   Feeling irritable, anxious, and depressed

o   Vaginal dryness and loss of interest in sex

o   Prone to urinary infection and leaking urine

Tips for the menopause:

o   Limit coffee and stimulants in the evening

o   Do not sleep during daytime

o   Wash your face, arms, and feet twice daily with rose-water

Menopausal rituals include soaking the hands and feet in warm water.

Menopausal Support Care Pack includes

o   Women’s herbal tea and cinnamon tea

o   Ayurvedic formula Chyawanparash Tonic

o   Rose water:Drink a dilution of half cup water or aloe-vera juice twice a day as a tonic

o Fortege tablet…Restore Menopausal symptoms

o Aloes compound tablet…Restore pre Menopausal symptoms

o   Take calcium tablets, plus vitamin D and evening primrose oil regularly

o   Take Omega fish oil, ginseng and wild yam herbal remedies

#Advice on Menopausal support care plan, diet chart, meditation, and yoga exercise

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Menopausal treatments include marma massage and shiro-dhara, in which goat or soya-milk is poured slowly over the forehead to help regulate hormones, relax the mind and strengthen the female organs.

Disclaimer: we do not make any health benefit claims. For Medical advice consult your doctor and qualified health professional.


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