IMMUNITY SUPPORT PACK…..Boost Immunity & Prevent Covid-19


Prevention is best ways to maintain a healthy and strong immune system.




Boost Immunity & Prevent Covid-19

Prevention is best ways to maintain a healthy and strong immune system. The Immune System is our defence system which helps the body protect itself from viral, bacterial infection, parasites and foreign bodies that create disease. A strong immune system is vital to keep an individual person healthy and live life to the fullest. Your immune system consists of white blood cells, antibodies, lymphatic system spleen, thymus gland, bone marrow. The lymphatic system is vital for immunity, it changes throughout life. The lymph organs appear before birth and starts to grow until puberty. The lymphatic organs contain the memory of immunity. Lymphatic organs will start to reduce in size during adulthood. The thymus gland is a pinkish grey colour, which is located above the heart and behind breast bone. It helps to provide strong immunity through lymphocytes. Bone marrow produces new blood cells to defend our body from infection. The spleen is an ovoid shaped organ, located directly below diaphragm and just above the left kidney, it produces blood cells and also provides immunity. According to the Indian system of medicine there is a vital fluid called Oja that provides immunity. Oja is produced by the pineal gland, similar to a tree or plant that produces sap like white liquid to heal.

Immunity Support Pack:

Immunity tea: Drink one cup of immunity tea a day. It is made with Nigella seed, Fenugreek, Aswagandha and Guduchi. Nigella seed has been used in many centuries to prevent infections. It is packed full of antioxidant, reduces inflammation and provides strong immunity. Fenugreek is one of the oldest herbs and has been used to strengthen immunity, and has been used by the father of medicine Hippocrates. Aswagandha is an Indian tonic, it is used to strengthen the body and energise the system to deal with virus and bacterial infection. It’s a rejuvenating herb to restore health and wellbeing. Guduchi, is a herb that a countless number of Indian master used to boost immunity. It provides Oja which prevents illness and protects from virus and bacteria. The ideal time to drink the Immunity tea is between 7am to 11am or whenever you feel weaker inside.

Chyavanparash Indian tonic: You should take Chyavanparash Indian tonic once a day after breakfast. Chyavanparash Indian tonic has been dated as far back as 5000 years old and has been shown and written in scriptures that Chyavanparash Indian tonic helps to strengthen immunity and restore health.

Soothing Tea Cold, Cough Flu Blend: Drink once a day. It is made with Violet flower which has been used in ancient times to destroy viruses and bacterial colonization. As a result, virus and bacteria are unable to create infection.

Soothing Tea: is perfect for when you are about to go out. The Vital life Soothing Tea should be taken 1 to 3 cups a day depending on how you are feeling.

Triphala tablets: Take two Triphala tablets 1 hour before you go to sleep. Triphala tablets help to eliminate toxin from the intestine and is good for constipation and bowel cleansing.

Nose oil: One drop of Nose oil in each nostril once a day. Nose oil helps to prevent infection.

Disclaimer: we do not make any health benefit claims. For Medical advice consult your doctor and qualified health professional.


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