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Problems with Fertility

When a couple fails to conceive after a year of regular sexual activity during ovulation, they are classed as being infertile. Infertility is the inability for a woman to become pregnant without medical assistance, although the cause could be attributable to either partner. The first stage of treatment is to identify which partner has the problem. Male infertility is tested by doing semen analysis, and female infertility is diagnosed by carrying out ovulation tests to look for blockages in the fallopian tubes or problems in the uterine cavity.

Male Symptoms:

Swelling or pain in the testicles; erectile dysfunction, and lack of interest in sexual activity

Female Symptoms:

Irregular menstruation; being overweight; hormonal imbalance; hair-loss or excessive facial hair

Causes of infertility:

It is often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause because several factors can be involved, although a common cause of infertility is failure to keep the organ clean

In the male, causes include:

Low sperm count; erectile dysfunction; testicular abnormality; excessive heat; radiation (from too much microwave exposure) and general toxicity

In the female, causes include:

Ovulation failure; fallopian tube blockage; uterine fibroids; hormonal imbalance; emotional issues; immune system dysfunction; endometriosis; obesity; pelvic inflammation and excessive toxins

Tips for infertility:

o   Rest for an hour after dinner

o   Limit coffee and other stimulants during the evening

o   Avoid sleep during the daytime

o   Avoid vigorous exercise, hot tubs and saunas, alcohol, and smoking (including e-cigarettes)

o   Every 6 weeks, have 3 days of complete rest and relaxation

o   Wash the face, arms, and feet with rose-water twice a day

Infertility rituals:

o   Alternate hot and cold baths (as practised by the Romans) to help stimulate circulation and increase hormone production

o   Spray rose-water on to the stomach

o   Read about pregnancy to help focus the mind

Infertility remedies:

Ayurvedic herbal formulas (with advice from practitioner)


Female infertility treatments:

o   Drink women’s herbal tea

o   Aloes compound tablets and Ladies Mantle to help strengthen the lining of the uterus (as advised)

o   Pure aloe vera juice as a tonic

o   Vitamin B complex


Male infertility treatments:

o   Fortege or Bangshil tablets and/or Dongquai and Shatavari herbal remedies (as advised)

o   Wild-raspberry leaf tea, stinging nettle, or red clover tea

o   Vitamin E tablets

Women’s infertility treatment includes:

o   Abdominal, hand and foot massage to boost circulation and cleanse the ovaries

o   Liver cleansing treatment to strengthen the ovaries

o   Shiro-dhara treatment to regulate the hormones, relax the mind and strengthen the female organs

o   Acupuncture, reflexology and/or marma massage therapies

Men’s infertility treatment includes:

o   Oil retention on lower part of the back – a pancha-karma therapy used to strengthen male sex organs and stimulate the production of good quality sperm

o   Liver cleansing therapy to improve sperm production and circulation

o   Milk Dripping on the forehead (shiro-dhara) to calm the mind and improve hormone production

o   Yoga exercises include sun salutation pose, frog pose, alternate breathing, and regular meditation#Advice on Menopausal support care plan, diet chart, meditation, and yoga exercise

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#Advice on Fertility support care plan, diet chart, meditation, and yoga exercise

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