Acupuncture Consultation and Treatment





It is an traditional system of perfect health care, which restores and maintains health, by painless stimulation using needles and fingers at specific points to regulate channels of energy. This allows the body to balance itself and restore well being. It has been found to be effective in the treatments of anxiety, back pain, neck pain, facial paralysis, sciatica, stress, fertility, acute and chronic relief of pain. Today Medical acupuncture has been used for various pain and sports injury and neuro-muscular rehabs.

The Acupuncture treatment has been found to be effective in the treatments of…..

  1. Bone, Joints and Muscle Disorders:

* Arthritis

* Back and Neck Pain

* Knee pain -Sciatica

* Frozen Shoulder- Gout

* Elbow, Finger and wrist pain

* Tennis Elbow -RSI

* Acute and Chronic aches and pain

  1. Digestive Disorders:

* Acidity-Bloating-Constipation

* Gas-Flatulence-Diarrhea

* Stomach Cramp and pain

* Liver and Stomach weakness-colitis

* Indigestion-Anorexia-Vomiting-Candida

* Hyperacidity-Intestinal Infection

* Gallstone- IBS- Piles

  1. Hair and Skin Disorders

* Hair loss- Dry Hair

* Dandruff-Hair Thinness

* Acne-Dermatitis-Eczema-Psorisis

* Abnormal dark pigmentation

* Dull skin colour and poor complexions

* Skin rash and itchy skin

  1. Nervous Disorders:

* Anxiety-Depression-Dizziness

* MS- Parkinson disorder

* Lack of will power-Depression

* Headache-Migraine –Insomnia

* Poor Memorey-Stress

  1. Respiratory disorder:

* Asthama-Cold and Cough

* Allergy-Hay fever

* Bronchitis-Sinusitis

  1. Womens Disorders:

* Infertility-Female disorder

* Cystitis- Thrush-Candida

* PMT-Lack of libido

* Postnatal care

* Pregnancy care

* Menopausal care

* Polycystic ovaries-Fibroids

* Menstral problems

* Hormonal imbalance

  1. Circulatory Disorders:

* High and low Blood Pressure

* Anaemia-Rest less leg

* High cholesterol

* Stroke

  1. Miscellaneous Disorders:

* Anxiety-panic attack-Addictions (smoking and alcohol)

* Stress-Tiredness-Wrinkles

* Chronic Fatigue- Gum disease

* Urinary tract infection

* Prostate enlargement

* Over weight-Sexual weakness

* General weakness




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