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Mental Detoxing Cleanse is the elimination of toxin from brain cells, repairing and restoring the mind. Mental Detoxing Cleanse with a diet plan, meditation, breathing, and authentic yoga has been dated in human history for 5000 years. Regular Detoxing helps to achieve the perfect stability of mental health. Mental Detoxing has been scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on the cellular rejuvenation and provides peace, reduces stress and has a correlation with sharing a long healthy life.

The Benefits of Mental Detoxing Cleanse

· Rejuvenation of the brain cells

· Supports healthy mind and the cultivation of peace

· Energizing the mind, body and improves memory

· Reduces anxiety, depression, fatigue and Stress

· Boosting concentration and increase will power

· Promoting Good Sleep and healthy blood pressure

· Reduce anger, fear, hate and jealousy

· Helps hormonal problems and mental problems

· Helps to balance emotional problems

· Enhances ultimate inner healing power and Preserve long life


The mind is complex. It is essential for our survival so I have devised an action plan for gaining a stronger mind, reducing stress, and boosting memory achieving the ultimate peace of mind.

1. Meditation:

Meditation is an ideal method for mental detox. This is an art and a skill and has long been practised in the East, and it is now better known in the West. It is not a religion; rather, it is concerned with learning to think deeply and quietly by training and organising the mind. Meditation helps with finding fulfilment and inner peace, but it takes time to learn and to understand. Just as physical exercise builds the body over time and makes it strong, allowing the energy to flow, so does meditation for the mind, allowing it to find peace, harmony, and inner strength. In meditation, when a person thinks deeply and quietly, the cells synchronise; as a result, the mind gets a good supply of oxygenated blood, and purify the brain.

General guidelines

Sit quietly in a comfortable, relaxed position with the spine erect. Detach yourself from noise, work and everyday problems and do not try too hard. Practice anytime, although not with a full stomach. The best time is before sunrise or after sunset; e.g., between 5.00 and 6.30 am, or between 6.00 and 7.00 pm. Avoid sleep during meditation and remember that meditation needs dedicated time and space.

a) Basic meditation

Sit or lie down in a quiet, peaceful place; close your eyes, then breathe in for two counts and out for three. Concentrate on your breathing rhythm to help focus the mind. Begin with 2 minutes and extend for up to 10 to 30 minutes (maximum) and practise regularly.

b) Sound meditation: sound meditation has long been known to have positive, beneficial effects (e.g., through the use of mantra). It has a marked influence on heart, circulatory and respiratory systems and is also good for anxiety and depression, fear, worry, emotional upset, negative thoughts, improved concentration, improved memory, getting rid of doubt, hate, anger and jealousy, increased self-confidence and creativity, improved ability to make decisions, improved control for overcoming addiction and weight problems, learning to tolerate others, improving relationships, and cultivating peace of mind.

Close your eyes and concentrate on the point between the eyebrows and maintain normal breathing; feel very light and recite a personal sound or mantra that gives you peace (for details please call 07703538 928).

The chakras

Meditating on the chakras or energy vortices on the body is important for coordinating the mind-body connection. The seven major chakras are:

1. The 1st chakra, located in the coccyx, is used for radiating energy needed for life and survival

2. The 2nd chakra, located in the lower abdomen to the front or lumbar region to the back, is used for improved sense of security, safety, and strength

3. The 3rd chakra, located in the navel to the front or lower thoracic spine to the back, is used for achieving emotional balance of power and a sense of belonging (sometimes referred to as the physical brain)

4. The 4th chakra, located in the region of the heart, is essential for loving and giving

5. The 5th chakra, located in the throat area, is good for communication and self-expression

6. The 6th or brow chakra (also known as the 3rd eye) is good for memory, intuition, and self-realisation

7. The 7th or crown chakra is important for life purpose, consciousness, and realisation of the soul.

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2. Breathing:

The first job of mind is breathing, and it has been known for centuries that breathing exercises can have a positive effect on mental health. Regular practice of breathing exercises has a positive influence on the mind-body connection, heart, circulation, and lung function. Breathing is controlled by the brain, but the art of breathing depends on external as well as internal factors in the environment. Performing regular breathing exercises improve lung function and helps reduce the risk of disorder and create normal order in the mind.

Exercise to promote normal breathing: Breathe in through one nostril and breathe out through the other; breathe in through the other nostril, then breathe out through the first; repeat the whole cycle five to ten times (bhastrika). Other breathing exercises can be learned from a yoga teacher. Proper breathing is part of the wisdom of health, and a small amount of time (5-10 minutes a day) should be set aside each day for breathing exercises to promote relaxation to help you to feel refreshed, revitalised and rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit. It is sometimes said that ‘breathing is a gateway to Nirvana’, and through centuries of practice it has been observed that various benefits can be obtained through regular breathing exercises:

1. Fewer aches and pain

2. Reduced anxiety, depression, and fear

3. Reduced risk of asthma and breathing difficulty

4. Healthy blood pressure, and fewer coughs and colds

5. Improved concentration and memory

6. Less risk of hay fever, headaches, and other types of fever

7. Fewer skin problems and improved complexion

8. Better digestion and fewer stomach problems

9. A feeling of inspiration in life

10. Cultivation of peace in mind-body.

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3. Good Sleep;

Sleep is vital to our mental health and wellbeing, just like air, food and water. When we sleep well, we wake up refreshed, alert and ready to deal with the challenges of the day. During sleep, we process thoughts, and the body repairs, restores and heals itself and purifies the blood. Sleep is essential for maintaining a normal mind, speech, processing memories, enabling brain development and ensuring a tranquil mind. Poor sleep can lead to illness, weak immune system and premature ageing and reduced lifespan.

Tips for good sleep:

o Do not drink liquids after 7.00 pm

o Limit coffee and other stimulants in the evening

o Do not sleep during daytime

o Keep your bedroom quiet and peaceful

o Write down all your concerns for the day ahead

4. Speech Fasting:

It is authentic method to detox and purify the mind. Once you keep silence for 8 to 12 hour or sunrise to sunset. Then mind get a chance to process thought and create a space in memory. It is known by Indian master the gateway of bliss and peace

5. Enjoy time in nature:

Nature is a great absorber of stress. Go for long walk outside in nature during difficult time of life. Its helps to cultivate peace. Whenever animal get sick then go to nature and keep silence and do not eat food. Some tribes go to deep in nature to heal and cultivate peace.

6. Talk to friends:

Friend is a great support during the crisis of life. Once you talk to your friend then reduce the pressure from mind. It has been proven regular talking to friend reduce depression and stress.

7. Yoga:

Mind body works as a single unit. All our mental expression and emotion remain store in the body. Yoga helps to balance those stores of energy. Regular gentle yoga helps to energise mind and body. It is ideal methods to restore mental health and cultivate peace in mind body. Ideal yoga for mind which are sun salutation, cobra, Bow, fish, Bee, and child pose. Best time to yoga is before breakfast.

(Further details for yoga class please call 07703538928/

8. Take time to yourself:

Charity begins at home. Once you get a time to yourself that help to create your quantum energy. It is very powerful energy that provide inner peace. Which essential for mental nourishment. It is very difficult to find a time to oneself. Ideal is take complete silence after 15minutes after each meal (breakfast, lunch &dinner) and Technology fasting which means do not use mobile phone, computer, microwave and refrigerator for a day.

9. Write down your thoughts:

It is an authentic method to reduce mental stress. Which has been used since centuries. Writing your thought before dinner helps the mind to create space in mind and reduce day to day stress. Regular habit of writing helps to combat depression and energise mind.

9. Balance Emotion:

Once the mind gets overly involved in the emotions, it becomes difficult to function normally, and if the mind is at war, it can damage and destroy the immunity organs and weaken your immunity

1. Do not take matters personally in respect of others

2. Follow normal healthy practices for the mind, such as appreciation, confession, forgiveness, listening and truthfulness

3. Sleep before midnight and wake up with sunrise.

4. Take up hobbies or leisure pursuits and control the sense organs (ears-eyes-skin-nose-tongue) and the mind as well as parts of the body, such as hands, legs, mouth, anus and the sex organs, avoid extreme activity in these areas

5. Practice meditation. Sound meditation is ideal way to build immunity. It has become a practice through many centuries, to meditate in this way to restore health, wellbeing and strong immunity. An Indian master seated on a Himalayan mountain in the freezing cold uses sound meditation to help the master survive. Once you learn this type of meditation then it only takes around 7 minutes.

(For further details please call 07703538928/

Tips for Mental power boosting:

o Avoid sugar and acidic food

o Do not drink liquid while eating food

o Avoid cold food at night and deep-fried foods

o Drink 8 glasses of water a day. No liquid after 7pm

o Cook fresh warm food such as pumpkin or chicken soup

o Eat fresh cooked green vegetables

o Drink goat’s milk with almond

o Papaya, berries, green teas and walnuts boost mental power

o Take 1 tea spoon of Honey in the morning at empty stomach for 3 days in a month.

o Wash your eyes daily, with alcohol free rose water helps to boosts concentration

o Best way to boost your mental power then practice breathing and meditation and be happy

Mental power Booster rituals:

o Rub your stomach with oil clockwise around 60 times as soon as you wake up with sesame oil or mustard oil or Navel oil

o Cleanse your tongue in the morning

o No sex during day time between 2 pm to 6pm.

o Apply hair oil and keep it one hour before bath. Its help the mind to relax and reduce stress

o Laughing 5 times from the abdomen, chest and teeth. It helps to increases oxygenation in the mind body.

Mental Power Boosting Remedies:

o Drink one cup of PRANAA Detoxing Tea a day. It helps detoxification of mind body

o Take ayurvedic herbal formulas such as PRANAA Brain Tonic. It is one of the 5000 years old tonic which also known as Chayvanprash, it is nature gift to health and wellbeing. You should take once a day.

o Drink PRANAA Calming Tea one to two times a day. It calms the mind and reduces stress

o Take two Mentat before sleep. Its help to sleep and concentration

o Take two Brambhi before sleep. Its boost memory and refresh brain cells

o Take Vitamin B, D ,E and Omegas

Treatment for Boosting Mental power:

o Self-Massage hands, leg, feet and neck area regularly with almond oil and Head massage with hair oil

o Other treatments to be given or advised by a practitioner include Ayurvedic Shirodhara, Shirobasti Marma massage and Pancha karma Rejuvenation therapy (details please call 07703 538 928/

Exercises for boosting mental power:

o Alternate nose breathing

o Yoga breathing \and Bee sound pranayama breathing.

o Touch toes 10 times as soon as you wake up

o Take regular 30 minutes walks to build and strength mind to boost memory.

o Yoga exercise; seven poses is ideal for aiding the mind which are sun salutation, cobra, Bow, fish, Bee, and child pose.

o Meditation; Sound meditation is ideal for immunity boosting.

(details please call 07703538928/

Food for Mind:

· The ideal food for mental detox is Kichiri. It has been used in India for many centuries to restore mental health and well being. Kichiri is known as holy food in India. It is very simple and easily digestible with full of protein, carbohydrate and nourishing food. It’s a complete food, it helps to detox and cleanse the mind body. Kichiri supports healthy digestion, weight loss, improves digestive problems such as acidity, indigestion, gas, bloating whilst also encouraging healthy elimination, improvements in mind clarity, memory, emotional balance and energising mind.

How to make Kichiri:

Preparation time: 15 minutes; cooking time: 35 minutes

Serves two


· 1 tablespoon of olive or sunflower oil

· 1 tablespoon of finely chopped red onion

· Small cinnamon stick (eg, 1 inch)

· ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder

· 1 bay leaf

· 4 to 5 whole black pepper corns

· 1 teaspoon cumin seeds

· 1 cup of soaked Basmati or brown rice

· Half a cup of soaked mung dhal

· 1 teaspoon of salt (or according to taste)


In a pan, heat the oil and add cumin seed; once it crackles, then add the onion

Allow the onion to go brown, add the whole dry spices or vital life Kichri mix spice and stir

Add the soaked rice and mung beans and mixed well

Add 3 cups of water and salt to taste

Cover and allow to simmer for 15 minutes

Ready to eat Kichiri then add 1 tea spoon ghee and garnish with coriander leaf. Also, able to make Kichri with Quinoa.

Beneficial foods for the mind:

o Eat soaked 7 pieces almond at breakfast

o Eat fresh steam green vegetables

o Drink goat’s milk with almond

o Red apple cooked eat at breakfast

o Papaya, berries, ginger, grape, beetroot and lettuce

o Eat pinch of fresh ginger 15 minutes before eating food

o Almond, walnut, oat bran, wheatgrass and turmeric

o Carrot, beetroot, oat, porridge, fish, cow and goat milk

o Seasonal fresh colourful fruit and vegetables and coconut

Food to avoid for mind disorders:

· Alcohol

· Deep-fried food

· Cold food

· Raw Salad

· Reduce coffee

· Chilli and high spicy

· Fermented food

· Tomato seeds

· Spinach

· Acidic food

· Sugar

Boosting Mental power Diet Plan:

Before Breakfast

1 teaspoon honey then do not eat for 30 minutes

drink a glass of warm water and Pranaa detoxing tea

Soaked almond


Eat cooked red apple or Papaya

Cooked moong beans or green sprouted lentils


Thick soup, such as just carrot or just broccoli or cooked vegetables

Or steam fish


Rice and lentils cooked together (the Indian dish known as Kichiri rice mix) add 1 teaspoon ghee.

Drink almond milk one hour before sleep.

Detoxing Cleansing Pack include:

1. Detoxing Tea: Promotes detoxing and help to eliminate toxin

2. Calming Tea: calm the mind and reduce stress

3. Kichiri rice mix: Nourishing the mind and body.

4. Brambhi Tablet: Rejuvenate brain cells and strengthen mind

5. Ghee: Strengthening body and brain cells

6. Brain tonic: Boosting memory and refreshing brain cells.

7. Mentat tablet: helps to sleep and concentration

8. Nose oil: improves breathing

9. Navel oil: promotes circulation

10. Hair oil: relax the mind and improve circulation

11. Advice on Mental Detoxing cleanse plan, diet chart, meditation, and yoga exercise

12. More details please call 07703 538 928/


Avoid during pregnancy, breast feeding, menstruation, high anxiety, stress or insomnia and extreme emotional stress. If you suffer severe health problems or on medication. Please consult your doctor before starting any detox cleanse.

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