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Its a difficult time. The best advice is preventive care. Any kind of healing requires three vital pillars which are Stability, Strength and Peace.. if you lack any of them then work to build those pillar to support your system to prevent cold, cough and flu.

Cold, Cough & Flu Care…

The common cold, Cough and Flu is a form of respiratory tract infection caused by a virus. Symptoms may include sneezing, a runny nose, coughing, a sore throat, difficulty in breathing, headaches, muscle ache, a loss of taste and smell, a fever, shivering and watery eyes.

Cause of colds and coughs:

There are over 200 viruses that cause colds and coughs. In some cases, a cold can lead to much more serious diseases, such as bronchitis, pneumonia.

Tips for colds and coughs:

o Avoid acidic food and sugar

o Drink 8 glass of water a day. No Liquid while eating food. Drink half an hour before or after food.

o Avoid cold food and deep-fried foods

o Wear sufficient clothing

o Keep your feet warm

o Keep your crown of the head covered with a hat.

o Massage the knuckles of all the fingers for 5 minutes, twice a day. It helps to reduce the fever.

Cold and cough rituals:

o Steam Inhalation with eucalyptus or thyme

o Apply olive oil on nose, ears and navel

o Gargling with Himalayan salt or cooking salt warm water

o Rub abdomen clockwise 60 times as soon as wake up

o Hoarse voice: gargle with black Assam tea

o Wash hands, face, neck and feet regularly in warm water

o Apply Nose oil once a day before going out

o Use sanitizer

Cold and cough and Flu Prevention Remedies:

o Drink two to three cups of Doja vital life care soothing tea a day. This tea is made with violet flower and holy basil. This herbal remedy destroys virus colonization. As a result, the virus become weaker and your immune system gets stronger.

Doja Vital life care soothing tea used by Ayurveda herbalists to soothe sore throats. Traditionally used as antiviral and anti-inflammatory tea and immunity booster.

Instruction: Place 1 teaspoon in a cup and add boiling water.

Allow it to infuse for 2 minutes.

Drink one cup, twice every day.

0 Immunity Tea.. Doja vital life care immunity tea one cup after breakfast.

0 Ayurveda Tablet Dekofcyn: 1 to 2 tablet twice a day. It aids the lungs to breathe and strengthens immunity. It is made with herbs Aswagandha, Satawari, Pipar, and Amlaki.Safe: No side effect Dekofcyn tablet

o Make a tea with 5 pieces’ clove, 5 pieces’ black peppercorn and 3 pieces’ cardamom and a pinch of ginger and boil it with a cup of hot water for 1minutes and infuse it for 2 minutes and filter and drink 1 to 2 times a day.

o Massage the chest, neck, nose, sinus area and throat with warm sesame oil once a day

o Skin brushing hands (inner side wrist to elbow), leg (inner leg knee to groin) and side of the neck. Brushing towards heart. Everyday 2 to 5minutes

o Take vitamin C and Zinc regularly

Treatments for the cold:

o Massage hands, feet and neck and sinus area regularly

o Other treatments to be given or advised by a practitioner include lymphatic massage, Ayurveda immunity booster treatment, moxibustion, and neti nose cleansing

Prevention is better than a cure. Any kind of healing required three vital pillars which are Stability, Strength and Peace. If you lack any of them then work to build those pillars to support your system.

Exercises for cold and cough:

1. Breathing exercises: Rest hands on abdomen and breathe in and out quickly,20 times. Rest hands on ribs breath in and out quickly, 20 times. Rest hands on shoulders and breath in and out quickly, 20 times. Rest your hands on the crown of your head and breath in and out quickly, 20 times. Finally, rest your hands above the head and breath in and out quickly, 20 times.

2. Alternate nose breathing: Breath in with one nostril and breath out with other nostril. Repeat 10 times.

3. Bee (humming) sound: using the thumbs to close the ears and the fingers to cover the eyes, breathe in deeply and then breath out making a humming bee sound through the nose. Repeat 7 times.

4. Sun salutation (energetic) Yoga pose: Standing on both feet, breathe in and raise your hands above the head, then exhale fully as you bend forwards until your hands touch the floor. Stretch the right leg back, then the left leg back, tuck your head down and look at the stomach, then bring the right leg forward, the left leg forward, rise up and rotate the arms in a circular motion. Repeat the sequence 3 times each, putting the right leg back followed by the left leg, then putting the left leg back followed by the right leg.

5. Holding Breath: Take a deep breath and close your nose and hold the breath comfortably then breath out. Repeat 3 times. This method increases the capacity of the lungs and unblocks respiratory system.

6. Sound Meditation:


a) Three-stage process meditating on the chakras: each sound should be recited silently 21 times. Stage 1: focus on the root coccyx or tailbone and think of the sound Sa; focus on the lumbar region or lower abdomen and imagine the sound Da; similarly, the navel with the sound Ga, the middle of the chest or heart area with the sound Ma, the throat area with the sound Pa, the forehead with the sound Dha, and the crown area with the sound Nee. (Note all the ‘a’ sounds have a long ‘a’ like saa, daa, etc.). in between each of the 3 stages, focus briefly on the middle of the eye brow which known as 3rd eye.

b) Stage 2: repeat the previous cycle using the sounds Sam, Dam, Gam, Mam, Pam, Dham and Neem for each of the 7 chakras (always with the long ‘a’ sound)

c) Stage 3: Recite each sound silently 41 times; focus on the lower body, including the coccyx and lumbar region, using the sound Lam, followed by the middle of the body or navel, using the sound Sa-um, the crown, using the sound Me-em. Finally Concentrate on middle of chest using sound Aum

Benefit of meditation is to reach higher consciousness, peace of mind and above all, increased mental power to preserve health

Food for coughs and colds:

o Cooked fresh warm food such as pumpkin or chicken soup

o Avoid cold and deep-fried foods

o Eat fresh cooked green vegetables. No spinach and chocolate

o Drink goat’s milk with turmeric

o Avoid Milk and mucus forming food

o Carrot, banana, soya bean milk, fresh ginger tea, carrot juice, fenugreek and almond

o Use garlic, ginger, thyme, turmeric and black pepper in cooking

Prevention is better than cure, and there are a number of foods that can help to prevent disorders. It is important to eat properly during times of crisis, otherwise it can harm the immune system. Always strive to achieve balance within the diet to improve the chances of living a healthy life. Preventative foods are as follows:

o Almond – eat 4 to 6 nuts at breakfast after soaking in a tablespoon of water overnight

o Mung beans – eat at breakfast, after soaking in a cup of water overnight

o Cooked red apple – eat at breakfast

o Chick peas – eat at breakfast, after soaking in a cup of water overnight

o Choose organic foods, where possible

o Ensure you eat low quantities of deep-fried food

o Select foods that help preserve the 60-40 alkaline-acid balance, which is good for the blood and helps to fight disease

o Know your constitutional type and eat accordingly

o Steamed vegetables are easy to digest.

o Khichari (cooked rice and lentils) is good for the digestion and immunity booster.

Note: No information contain can replace professional advice and therefore we accept no liability

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