Healing Power of Water……Ultimate Ingredients of Life

Healing Power of Water:

Healing Power of Water: Water is simple. It contains a great mystery of life. In 1892, Rontgen discovered X-rays and won the first Nobel Prize in physics; he mentions the unknown structure of water. 1933, a professor at Cambridge University discovered a model of the water molecule.  Since then, science discovered the many secret powers of water. The Great Mystery of Water documentary (https//youtube.be/W80mHIGg9v0) is especially interesting to learn about the powers of water. It has been used in many religions to heal. I was seated in the Himalayan mountains with master healers, and a 50-year-old man visited the healers for chronic pain in his stomach; the healers gave him a healing water bottle and asked him to drink three tablespoons four times a day and apply the water to the painful area. His pain disappears after 48 hours. It is very difficult to believe that the healing water helps the man to get rid of the pain. It contains basil seeds and rose water. There is no doubt that water has healing powers. It is essential for life.

Water is essential for cellular function and the existence of life. The human body is built up of 70% of water. Water involves almost every body function, including digestion, circulation, elimination, and nutrient transport. It is a great medium to provide quantum energy. When we lack quantum, the ability to heal itself becomes weaker. The daily requirement of water is 1500 ml or 8 glasses of water a day.

The ideal source of water is spring water. Clean and pure water is vital for the body’s normal cellular function. It helps prevent infection, eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungus, and purify the body. There are many benefits of water, which are

  1. Hydration… It hydrates every cell in the body. Require eight glasses of water and regular drinking of water. Complete hydration takes six weeks. When cells get dehydrated, they function abnormally and lead to disorder. Good hydration is vital for brain and gland function.
  2. Acid and Alkaline Balance. Water helps maintain the body’s acid-alkaline balance, vital for normal cell functions, prevention, and restoration.
  3. Energises the body… Water helps to energise the cells through electrolytes. It is essential for health and well-being. Good energy helps to keep a normal body weight.
  4. Control body temperature… Cellular function depends on body temperature. Water helps to maintain body temperature. The body can get nourishment.
  5. Purification…. Water helps the kidney to purify the blood and water. Then our fluid becomes pure and clean. Which helps the cells to energize cells and protect and prevent infection and illness.
  6. Elimination… water plays a vital role to maintain bowel function and prevent constipation.
  7. Skin washing… Regular skin wash helps to clean the skin. It is ideal for hygiene and cleaning the body to prevent infection. Water Keeps the skin clean and healthy looking.
  8. Boost exercise performances… drinking water during exercise improves performance and strengthens stamina and vitality.
  9. Blood circulation… blood is 90 percent water. It carries oxygen in the body. Regular drinking water boost circulation and immunity.


There is a variety of water. Some of them are good for health and others are injurious to health. Those water are

  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Rainwater
  • Seawater
  • River water
  • Lake and pond water
  • Well water
  • Spring water

Cold water: Cold water is cold. According to Ayurveda, cold water is a cardiac tonic and reduces body temperature. It helps with food poisoning, fainting, burning sensation, hangover, vomiting, and indigestion. Avoid cold water during some illnesses, which are throat disorders, cough, first-stage fever, flatulence, anorexia, anaemia, and abscess.

Hot water: The hot water is light. According to Ayurveda, hot water stimulates digestion and reduces wind and mucus. It is beneficial for pain in the side of the chest, flatulence, and hiccup. Avoid hot water during illnesses like fatigue, dizziness, and sunstroke.

Clean and pure water is essential for living creatures.  Polluted and rainy mud water is prohibited from drinking. It creates external and internal illnesses. We have seen after wet in rain, as a result, the person gets sick. Rainwater with mud is not to be drunk. Water collected from unseasonal rainwater is not advisable to drink. Taking excess water suppresses the power of digestion. The best drinking water is spring water. Pond and lake water and salty sea water are not advisable to drink—clean and pure type water to drink.

  1. The ideal time to drink water is as soon as you wake up. One to two glasses of warm water on an empty stomach.
  2. Drink according to your body type.

Vata(Air)Type body eight glasses

Pitta(Heat) Type   body seven glasses

Khapa (Water) Type body 6 glasses

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  1. Sip on the warm water between meals:
  • It helps digestion
  • Improves circulations
  • Removes toxins from the system
  • Promotes healthy urination and bowel movements
  • Provides healthy hydration and lubrication of the systems


The best way to take water is the seating position. Drink room-temperature water. Do not drink liquid while eating food. Drink 30 minutes before or after eating food. Avoid drinking after dinner. Drink warm water as soon as you wake up before breakfast. Avoid drinking water on standing, according to the Indian master. Drinking in a standing position is injurious to health. Whenever you drink water feel comfortable and peaceful and happy, and it is The secret to good health and wellbeing.

Make your own Hydrating water:

Rose Water is hydrating & refreshing. It has been used in Ayurveda for hydrating and cooling to rejuvenate skin. Traditionally used for daily use for skin hydration, moisturizing, nourishing, smoothens, and softening the skin. Rose water is an Ideal cooling drink for summer.

Instructions: one teaspoon of rose water mixed with a glass of water and drink it.




Ingredients: rose water

Keep away from children

# Alcohol-free rose water

Disclaimer: we do not make any health benefit claims. For Medical advice consult your doctor and qualified health professional.

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