Food combination:

The Ayurvedic health care has been looking after our health for 5000 years. It’s an ideal way to maintain health and prevent illness. When food is not eaten in the proper combination then digestion and absorption become weak and start to produce toxins. It is advisable to follow food combinations and enjoy good health and wellbeing. Some Food combination are:

1. Do not eat meat protein with milk. Meat is hot and milk is cold. Eating them together creates hot and cold exposure, resulting in digestive disruption and toxicity. Milk is incompatible with fish, meat, lemon, and sour food.

2. Starches are incompatible with banana, dates, and eggs

3. Ghee is incompatible with honey

4. Potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant (aubergine) are incompatible with yogurt, melon, and cucumber

5. Yogurt is incompatible with fish, meat, starch, mangoes, and cheese. No yogurt after five p.m.

6. Egg is incompatible with melon, cheese, and fish

7. Lamb is incompatible with sesame seed and honey

8. Fruit is eaten 30 minutes before meal or 2 hours after lunch. No fruit after six p.m.

9. No Milk and Ice-cream together after dinner.

10. No cold food and green leafy salad at night time. Ideal night time food is cooked and warm food.

11. Avoid overeating or if you combine food then drink black pepper and green cardamom water to balance it.

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